Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Roses are those small little wonderful miracle house plants which do wonders of highest orders, which a million words can’t do. The flowers speak when the lips seal with emotions, which are so tough to put in words. The best of the gifts that one can give is roses, a bouquet or may be just a single bud of the flower that has not yet bloomed can unfurl the heart filled with emotions.
Rose can be said to be a synonym of love. The beauty of rose has always cast a spell on people which are strong enough to bind them in love bonds. Different colours of roses signify different feelings.
A red rose has always been a sign of LOVE. The most romantic gift that two love birds can give is a red rose.
Pink roses have always meant admiration and the yellow rose’s suit best to show the depth of a platonic love.
White has been the choice of all the creative minds, showing peace, innocence and respect. And the best to show the passion which can drive one crazy is the orange colour.
Roses have been the best choice of an artist who paints a thousand colours on his canvas to capture the beauty of all kinds, beauty of nature, beauty of women and beauty of minds.

The original name of rose (Aeolic wrodon) comes from the Persian name “vrda” which is “rhodon” in Greek. There are many species of roses, some are considered to be the wild species of roses. The records of different species of roses show that there are about 100 to 150 species, but the botanists claim that there are not as many as 150 species but it sums up around 100 species only.

There are two kinds of roses, which one an grow as a

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

house plant growing tips

House plant growing tips.
Have you ever found your self searching the internet or your local book store for a one stop shop for house plant advice? A reference guide you can come back to time and time again for your house plant growing advice?
Are you asking your self questions like:
whats the best lay out for my house plants and home garden
How do I start a flower garden
Where can i find DIY backyard landscaping tips
What are the best vegetable garden layouts
What are the best vegetable planting times?

Creating a beautiful garden could'nt be easier !! With this expert guide
house plant and home gardening tips!

Monday, April 17, 2006

house plants

house plants
Learn how you can grow house plants and keep your house plants healthy